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Jumat, 29 Mei 2009


Pay To Click (PTC) websites provide an easy way for members to earn a little extra cash, while bringing advertisers closer to members through guaranteed, targeted ads.
Pay to click is when advertisers pay a user to actually click on an ad to visit the advertiser's website.
Why do they do it? Let's say you have a website and you are planning on selling something. What do you need? Right, you need visitors to your web site. How are you going to make sales if you have no real visitors? It can take weeks, months or even longer to get a new website pushed up in the rankings in the better search engines. This is the point where many webmasters turn to pay-to-click programs.

But what is a PTC? PTC advertising means having your ads placed on different search engines and/or directories, then paying a set amount of money each time a visitor clicks on your ad. When you sign up to these PTC programs, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy; usually they will provide ~ 10 ads per day for you to visit. You simply click on a link and view a website for ~30 seconds to earn money. Regular price for one visited website is 0.01 c.

Want to earn more? Next step is to become Premium member. Bonuses? At least 20 ads per day, your referrals will earn for you ~25% more, you will receive ~25% more by visiting advertiser's website, priority payments. To increase your income faster you can buy referral packs. Combined with premium memberships, your profits will grow much faster.

How Do Get Started

First of all, set up a new email account. Then, open a Paypal or AlertPay an account, the best ways to receive payments. Start earning from $0.05 to dollars a day, at each website. Most of all, they pay on time, and allow you to earn a very easy residual income. Personal earnings are multiplied many times through referrals. Click your ads daily, and browse this website for tips and brand new programs.

There are certain program owners who limit membership to people from certain countries. Members are limited for various reasons, including the kind of advertising that is promoted in the site. You can easily see whether a country is listed in the Program's front page. For example: International Members welcome, which means, people from all over the world can join the site so long as they can read and understand English.
On our tabs you'll find only International Members welcome programs.

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